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Why ParAible?

Because market research is hard...

Painful actually.

We've lived it... 

Day/weeks/months on Google searching and trying to sort things, check dates, and hoping you make the right decision. 

Then we thought...

"What if you didn't have to do that?"

We knew there had to be a way to do this...

Faster and easier, and make all of the information make sense.

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The ParAible Process = Your Success

"It's My Secret Weapon"

ParAible insights have been used by thousands to quickly "take the temperature" on a topic, industry, or situation to gain or maintain a competitive advantage.

In an instant, you understand how people feel about a subject, what content is driving those feelings, and where key terms intersect to make you the smartest one in the room.

ParAible is your secret weapon.

ParAible Works For You
Marketing & PR Agencies

Being on the front lines of the battles for your customers, providing a competitive advantage can make or break your business.

Imagine being able to deliver key insights in hours vs weeks?


What if you didn't need focus groups or surveys to know where people were at with a new product or service?

ParAible is designed to allow you to do just that, delivering the most important insights - what's driving the narrative, how people feel about it, and how to use key terms when marketing.

Subject Matter Experts

How much easier would life be if you knew the temperature of the topics you were going to speak on?

ParAible provides those insights without you having to hire and train researchers, or dig through a ton of data to get the the important stuff.

Public Servants

It's not your opponent you need to worry about. It's the issues!

ParAible allows you to see where your constituents are on the issues that are most important to them, allowing you to approach them in the ideal way, everytime.

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